To blog or not to blog

Ok I have decided to take up a blog, like sooooo many other people..The thing is am I going to bore you to death with my life or am I going to show you or tell you about some things I am crazy about..So difficult….

Ok I LOVE fashion, clothes, shoes you name it. I love make-up, but I am no make-up artist hihi….I love books and I love running….And I am studying again, trying to, yes I am studying Law. Not to passionate about that at the moment though.

Today I am going to start running again. Because of the bad weather these last months, running came to a total stop. And with temperatures below zero it is not that appealing to go for a run. So today I am making a fresh start.

So I ate a good healthy breakfast and in a few minutes I am off for a run. Wish me good luck because it is going to be tough…….The temperature in Holland is finally above zero degrees so hopefully it won’t be too cold….


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