Preen me up scotty F/W 2011

Ok being a “fashion” blogger doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything about fashion or that you are on top of your game about all the brands, designers and fashion shows. Why am I telling you this.. Well I was just browsing on the web and I saw the beautiful colours of the collection of Preen. Who is Preen I thought? Well Preen has a very modern and refined style. I really like the shade of blue they’re using in the designs…Such a beautiful colour!!! The collection is a bit ladylike. But I see some items I would wear immediately.

Bit I did not answer the question. Who is Preen?

“Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi launched Preen in 1996, selling clothes inspired by iconic Britishisms like Victoriana and punk rock. One year later, they had a shop on Portobello Road, and in the years since, the London-based label has earned strong editorial coverage for its clean, fluid lines and slouchy-futuristic elegance. A Fashion Week decampment from London to New York for spring 2007 solidified their international status, and they are now sold in more than 25 countries. As Cathy Horyn noted in February 2008, “their clothes get more sophisticated without losing their cool.” In Copenhagen in 2008, the duo—who in addition to their design collaboration are also a couple—debuted Preen Line, a younger offshoot that melds the classic Preen look with a little rock and roll.”




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