Google street art view

What if you could travel the world in just one click and see all the street art you would like. We can already travel the world on internet and Google added “Google Street Art View” to their list. created by red bull energy drink manufacturers and brazilian ad agency loducca, ‘google street art view’ aims to document the existence of  works of street art as captured by google street view
in the form of a searchable, multimedia map that users help to create.

A little copy and paste:

The fact that the website is designed to interface with google street view records is both limitation and opportunity.
While the information and flickr images can be updated in realtime, the map itself does not, which creates the possibility for the site to act as an inscribable archive, even as its decreases its functionality as search tool for the purpose of locating street art in the physical world.

In addition to the clickable google map, the web interface features a search function, which returns street art works whose title or artist matches the search term; a dropdown menu that provides instant access to the works of a handful of renowned graffiti artists; and ‘latest additions’ and ‘random art’ image bars, providing a way to browse through works.

I am curious about this. I mean street art is something I have loved my entire life. Now I don’t have to visit certain laces but I can see it on Google street art view. Nevertheless looking at it in real life is for me still the best.



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