Beauty: Fashion week Face charts

One of the most impressive make-uplooks for me during Fashion Week is the look of the show of Takoon. I just loved the bright orange eyeshadow.
And when I came across a couple of face charts of the fashion week 2011, I had to share it with you guys.  


Facechart Takoon F/W 2011
Peter Som is all about metallics. Silver, melon and gold loose powder pigments onto lips after filling them in with a matte cherry pencil for a robotic-looking finish. The rest of the face is neutral.
Peter Som F/W 2011

Francois Nars is the exclusive artist for Marc Jacobs. His inspiriration..I quote: “Nars explained that the look—droopy eyeliner and peachy blush dragged below the apples of the cheek —was inspired by the eccentric old lady that lives next door, whose makeup is always a little “off”.” And it works like a charm. Gotta love Nars. I know I love the make-up. It’s blush gives me an orgasm. 😉 

Marc Jacobs F/W 2011

For Donna Karan, Grace Kelly is their muse and source of inspiration. The result models’ mouths painted in a chalky pink, the custom-blended offspring of three different lipstick shades, softened brows using concealer and a creamy sepia shadow topped with a clear gloss on the eyes.

Donna Karan F/W 2011

Derek Lam was all about  extended cat eyes. The blue-tinged silver shadow is a Estee Lauder product and will probably be available in their autumn collection..

Derek Lam F/W 2011


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