Vibrant Thakoon F/W 2011 @ Fashion Week

Thakoon stands out in the crowd with his designs. They are a bit odd and a mixture of bright colours and different textures. It has a bit of folklore in it. I like it. Not something I would wear to let’s say work but I really like it. To add a bit extra to the astonishing look the make-up artists use a very bright orange eyeshadow. Ow and I forgot to mention the hair. It looks like  little pieces of art. The total package is just perfect. Thakoon you’ve got me!

Here’s something I copied from;

“Thakoon’s femme for fall is something of a tribal sophisticate; the traditional dress of the Masai was cited as an influence on the collection, but so was style of pre-Revolutionary France. The mixture made for a very exciting mishmash of texture and color – plaid taffeta was a recurring motif, as were batik patterns and urban staples like anoraks and down jackets. The combinations might sound odd on paper, but on the runway they shined to create an eclectic feast for the senses. Even even the iciest of fashion editors had to crack a smile during the show’s vibrant finale.”


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