New item for my blog: Streetstyle report @ Rotterdam Check it

 I have been working on something new for my blog and today it is the first post about that. I am going to add some street style pictures. I will try to post something every week. I am not that photogenic so why not photograph other people. Do some stylehunting. Take pictures of people with a defined own style.

Easier said then done. A week ago I went to the tattooshop for some info. Great, let’s take some pictures of people I thought. At first I was scared and I was afraid to ask people. But then I saw this girl outside the metro just sitting there. And before I knew I asked her if I could take her photograph. She had no problems with it. And I have to say there were not that many people standing out in the crowd. I wondered around and around and around…I was almost afraid not to find anybody.

Why this girl. I love the Doc Martens and I love her appearance. Thank you, you saved my life, well at least my idea for my blog!!!





One response to “New item for my blog: Streetstyle report @ Rotterdam Check it

  1. Leuk idee! Jaren terug wilde ik dit ook doen, heb toen een hele dag in R’dam centrum gestaan en er waren echt maar 2/3 outfits het waard voor een foto zeg maar! Hoop dat jij meer succes hebt!! x

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