Palladium boots are made for walking

Palladiums, I had them when I was little and I absolutely loved them. About that same time Converse All stars were hot too. And now Palladiums are back.  Daisy Lowe and Allice Dellal feature both in a short movie or a kind of commercial for Palladium. I like both commercials, Allice Dellal is a rock chick who lives on the edge. I don’t know if she does but she gives me that idea.

Daisy Lowe is different styles combined in one person. I like both girls making a statement to embrace being different and try to be unique. Define your own style and don’t be like everybody. It reminded me of earlier today when I went out and did some street style photography. I like people standing out of the crowd with their own style. You don’t have to be a uberfashionista. Being original is really important, because it also makes you look at things differently.

Palladium defines itself like that as well. The shoes are for everybody but you have to make it work for you. Embrace the shoe as a part of yout own style and wear it the way you like.

Check out Daisy Lowes movie.


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