Nailpolish Frenzy

Nailpolish don’t you just love nail polish? One of the hottest accessories a this moment. Nailpolish is again a big hit. If you check out the beautyblogs you will find reviews about every nailpolish brand, colour and finish. And lately I am getting more into nailpolish. Maybe it has something to do with the beautiful weather or just the overload of beautiful nailpolishes. A drugstore has this great offer on make-up, buy three and get a discount of 35%.  So I bought 3 nailpolishes and a remover for the amount of  3,30 euros. Low budget shopping to the extreme hihi. Unfortunately this particular drugstore did not have a lot. So I will check out my own store.

But this is what I bought. The brand is called Essence and is a low-budget brand. I bought a lilac, a grey and a pink nailpolish and off course a new remover.






2 responses to “Nailpolish Frenzy

  1. I wish we had the essence line in the US! I bought some products while I was in Germany and really enjoyed the products. Do you know of any sites that sale essence products and mail to the US?

  2. Wow, mooie lakjes! Ik ga snel eens kijkje nemen bij de kruitvat!
    En thanks voor je mooie comment op mijn blog. Je hebt zo gelijk haha

    xx Robine

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