Nike Air Jordan sensation

It’s been a while since a bought a fresh pair of sneakers. The last sneakers I bought were my black suede leather Vans. So for me it has been a while. Like I have said before I am on tight budget, need to save money for a couple of things. Saving money is no biggie until TEMPTATION comes looking around the corner. And in this case temptation has a name Nike Air Jordan. And no not one but two pairs of Jordans. Two different editions. When I saw them my heart skipped a beat. I want these shoes!!! I need these shoes. I cannot live without these shoes. Yes why not add a little drama to it. If you don’t like sneakers then you will not understand this craving I have. Luckily for me these shoes are not available yet. But you can pre-order these beauties. And you have to know I am having serious doubts.

I made a promise to myself. If I still like these beauties at the end of april 2011, I am going to pre-order at least one pair. Why, well because one pair will be available half way trough May and the other will be available in June. So for the second pair I have a bit more time on my hands. Just call me crazy. Check out these beauties…Aaaahhhhhh I am in love…..

The editions are Nike air Jordan III and Nike air Jordan V.  “sigh”


2 responses to “Nike Air Jordan sensation

  1. I ❤ III's en V's! Nou ja, III – VII zijn allemaal nice
    Moeilijke keuze hahah.. zou zelf voor de III gaan 🙂
    Leuke blog heb je

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