Crystal Brass Knuckles

I already showed you these in my Thursday’s love and I decided that it earned or even better deserves an article.

It is not actually a piece of jewelry but it is a sculpture. It is made of sterling silver and Quartz crystals. It has a beautiful name: I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****. The designer is  Debra Baxter. Her crystal brass knuckles have been featured on many blogs and also in lot’s of magazines.



But she has done more than these Crystal Brass knuckles. She has designed some beautiful rings, necklaces and corsages. They are all sterling silver with crystals. I would love to have a ring. Extremely pretty.


2 responses to “Crystal Brass Knuckles

  1. Gave ringen, al moeten deze niet al te robust zijn voor mijn smalle hand en vingers haha
    Ik heb de schoenen overigens gekocht bij Wendela van Dijk in Rotterdam 😉

    x Robine

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