Thursday’s Love: Never ever lose your passion

 I love being inspired and sometimes I get inspired by the little things. Beautiful weather inspires me but also things I see on the www or on tv. Things I read about, yes even Twitter. I follow Rev Run (from RUN DMC) on twitter because of his words of wisdom. They very often so true. Today I read one his tweets saying: “Shun mediocrity! We were not made just to survive. Never ever lose your passion!!!”

He is so right and I forget this way to often. Our busy lives tends  to not focus on passion but focus on money. I am no hypocrite, money makes the world go round and money does make your life a lot easier. But true passion brings you happiness…..

So today it is al about passion. One of my passions is photography and another one is fashion. Something I can combine. SO that is what this Thursday’s Love is all about! So I am just going to show you some pictures/photo’s I took. Hope you will enjoy them!!














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