The sneaker-way-of-life

When I wake up in the morning and get dressed and get ready for work, I never have the problem deciding what shoes to wear. I do have a problem what sneakers to wear. Sneakers are shoes but also a way of life for me. Ever since I was little I was rocking my Nikes, Adidas, L.A. Gears, Vans, Converse and so on and so on. Sneakers are the shoes I feel most comfortable in and I can do just about anything in them. Surfing on the net brought me to "It's a Sneaker Thing". Wow what is this??

I found out very quickly that this is the ultimate sneaker lover platform, a Sneaker Movement. I mean if you have the dopest sneakers don't you wanna show them off?!  But you don't  only see  "showoffs", you see everything what might possibly be sneakerrelated. You can find extreme sneaker stories, videos, blog entries, images, features, art and comments and the greatest thing is you can add and share your own stuff. Footlocker initiated this project to give a boost to the Sneaker Movement. Just take a look at this video to see what it is all about. Footlocker also started Sneakerpedia, an online encyclopedia about sneakers earlier this year.

Footlocker’s most recent TV campaign  shows how passionate people are about their sneakers. The campaign features for example an obsessive compulsive priest and a Japanese sneaker super hero. These people are truly passionate about sneakers and it is their way of life. You can find many videos on the site and they are worth watching. You have to check out the video of Adam Smith. He is the person who is the catalyst for the sneaker movement. In the video he totally flipped out when his employer told him he was not allowed to wear his Jordan's to work.

But you can also find a video inspired by Adam Smith by Mo Kolours and it is called lace street art. One of my favorite video's is this one about neon sneaker art:

It's a Sneaker Thing is a website, no, a sneaker community, no, an interactive sneaker community for and by sneakerheads, sneakeraddicts or sneakerlovers, whatever you may call them. So if you like sneakers in any way of form, you definitely have to check the site and to be on top of the sneaker movement also check  the Footlocker Europe Facebook page. I know I will.


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