SALE rules, int he way that you can buy the greatest things with a big discount. But there are also SALE RULES. I did not make these up on my own. I copied them from another blog called I have to say there are some good points like sticking to your budget and to buy designer clothing. Do you have any rules and do you want to share them?!

“The fateful moment of  CLOTHING SALE is coming!

I’m going to tell you my 10 RULES for making excellent purchases:


2. Not buy USELESS stuff.
They are like the exotic SOUVENIRS, that when you return from the trip, encumber and ruin the aesthetics of the house.

3. Point your FAV PIECE like your BIG LOVE.
Stay posted to the window, follow the customers’ movements, wait the first day of sales.

4. Buy only COLLECTOR’S ITEMS out of the ordinary: otherwise you will get the nth black coat!

5. Don’t go RANDOMLY, you’ll spend more energy and money.

6. Take your WISH-list MAP.

7. Give yourself a BUDGET and follow your WISH-list priorities.

8. Don’t get DUPED by sales:
They are like the beautiful mermaids of PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN 4 that first seduce you and then drag you to the bottom of the sea.

9. Buy only DESIGNER’S clothes.
Why? high-quality is guaranteed.

10. Not fly commercial!
Take the chance to go in the FORBIDDEN stores and satisfies all your WHIMS!”





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