SCARY FASHION: Van der Glas human teeth ring

Fashion can be scary, just take a look at this ring, I mean human teeth in your ring……..

Polly van der Glas is the artist who made this ring. And this ring is not the only one she made. Since 2005 her work has centered on materials that were once attached to our bodies: human hair, teeth and fingernails. Kind of creepy or not?

She is particularly interested in examining the constructed nature of beauty, particularly the kind of beauty and bodies our culture values. When attached to the body, we praise hair and teeth that adhere to the rules. They are key sites where body beauty is defined. Yet when they are shed, their meaning and value undergoes a dramatic transformation. Van der Glas explores this transformation in meaning, and uses it to destabilise ideas about beauty.

She sells her items in het Etsy shop Vanderglas. She als has her own blog called van der glas jewelry and objects.

One the hand i think it is incredibly creepy to wear human teeth and hair in your ring, you can even donate your own teeth and then she makes a ring with your own teeth.. But on the other hand you have a totally unique ring…..

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