Please Plait my hair

After a very busy week I finally have some time to write something on my blog and to roam the internet. The social media world and well all the sites I visit are talking about the loss of Whitney Houston. I feel sad about her loss and I think the world has lost a great singer. No this blog is not about Whitney Houston and yes I love her music and I still feel sad about her loss.

I just want to talk about hair. Especially about this hairstyle wich I saw on internet. I am actually kind of curious how to create this hairstyle. I love this hairstyle and I really really want to try this on me. Oh and it is about the braids / hairstyle in the picture. There is no way I can try it on me. I have to find someone who can braid really really good. So I am going to ask my friends to try is out. If you have any tips for me let me know!!!

And this is the hairstyle:

Bodie and Fou, AnotherMag


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