Travel | Londen update

So just a little update. We arrived in London the dat before yesterday. Normally we go by plain but this time we took the train. We had no delays! Thank God, because I was so scared for delays. Yep drama queen me. We took the train to Brussels around eight o’clock in the morning and we arrived in London around twelve o’clock UK time. But taking the train made me a little tired. We arrived ar St. Pancreas and we got our Oystercard put some money on it and underground here we come. We decided to go tour hotel first to drop off our stuff. We are staying at the the parkplaza riverbank hotel nearby the London Eye and the Big Ben.

We dropped our stuff, unfortunately our room was not ready yet and we went to the Big Ben and London Eye first and then we went to Harrods, Oxford Street and Selfridges. We bought some sushi take-away en went back to the hotel to relax. Ik was wearing the wrong shoes and my feet hurted like crazy. So we decided to chill so we can get up early the next day!!

Did I tell you that I saw these great sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs?! They are just screaming my name! Hihihi

Talk to you soon…..



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