Find of the Week | Molami headphones

It is hard to be unique in this day and age. You can buy anything you like online and shops are pooping up everywhere. So it is basically u to yourself to create your own individuality. Even headphones can be a part of your identity and Molami has got these beautiful designed headphones for woman. I have never heard of Molami before so here is what I found on their website.

The story of Molami is, like the brand itself, one that involves no compromises.

The brainchild of industrial designer Maria von Euler, Molami’s beginnings can be traced back to Maria’s studies at design school in Stockholm, Sweden. Her experience working with Zound Industries during a break between classes inspired her degree project, which ultimately led to the inception of Molami.

During the next several years Maria incorporated the process of tailoring and fashion design – how materials and shapes flatter the female form – into a methodical industrial design approach. Using this approach, she sculpted headphones that frame and enhance the features of the feminine face. This has never been done in the headphone industry.

Maria’s meticulous attention to detail can be seen in each pair of Molami headphones – from the tailored silhouette of each model down to the braided textile-wrapped cords and discreet accents plated in gold and silver.

Today Molami can be seen on individuals who share Maria’s vision of wearable sound. Where headphones are designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as a selected accessory and tailored for the contemporary individual.

They don’t come cheap though. They prices vary from 150 euros to 300 euros. But you do have a stylish headphone for women.


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